Hang in there

Life is a seemingly never-ending cycle of trials and tribulations, but you will push through. I can't promise you anything-- I can't say life has a plan for you, or that you're tied to the string of destiny constantly pulling you towards your fate, or that you're meant for anything great, but I can promise you that you are more than you believe you are.

You can be anything you want, and you can do anything you want. Whatever is holding you back is simply an illusion-- something you have built and established in your helplessness and fear of unfamiliarity. I know you're struggling and I know you're scared of what the future may bring. And I know how much you must fear what lies ahead... but everything you are and everything you will have, and everything you will become depends on your actions right here, right now. Today, tomorrow, a week from now... you must be a little braver.

Every day. A little braver. Every day. A little better.
Right now, you may be a little scared. I could be wrong- you could be scared out of your wits. Whatever the reason, find a glimmer of hope and run. Run towards it. You might not be able to run straight away I understand that. So then walk. Crawl. Stretch out your fingers. Make a commitment to yourself, to become better. You are great- you can be greater. You are grande and magnificent. Really. You may not know it, but you have saved so many people.

How many lives have you touched? How many times have you grabbed the hands of someone on the edge of darkness and said 'I will be the light that guides you'. Where would they be without you? Where would the world be without you? You have saved so many people. You have done so many times what you constantly convince yourself you can't-- you have compassed your compassion and summoned bravery from the deepest depths of your being, but you often forget it. It can be hard to remember, but if you try hard enough you will realise-- the memories will envelope you. Of all the times, for the briefest of moments, you became more than what you believed you were ever capable of.

And you always have been. You just need someone to remind you. So here I am telling you now that you, whoever you are, wherever you're from, whatever you've experienced...
You are amazing. You are capable of anything-- you are more than who you believe you are. You are you, and in and of itself that is and will forever be your greatest accolade.