Nuclear arms race

Honestly, my opinion of the nuclear arms race is very bias; of course I've never experienced a nuclear holocaust or invented any sort of nuclear weapon, but it's painfully obvious that these weapons of mass destruction pose a threat to our very existence.

If you're a logical person, you'd know that the nuclear arms race is an all-around stupid idea, and for those that don't know what this topic is about, it's basically nations around the world competing for dominance over nuclear warfare by inventing nuclear weapons.
And if you're wondering what I mean by the nuclear arms race being a stupid idea, I guess what I'm trying to say is that a nuclear weapon won't simply destroy your enemies. It'll destroy entire ecosystems, societies and even countries, not to mention our environment. And the effects wont only be experienced in the site it impacted, it'll spread to bordering areas and affect the general population for generations to come through impacting our genetic mutation. Just look at the impact of Vietnam using chemical warfare; the effects are still experienced today. Now just multiply the impact of Vietnam by a thousand, and that will give anybody a general idea of the ferocity of nuclear weapons.

In all honesty, I feel that governments that brag about the amount of nuclear weapons they possess are just bluffing. It's all a bluff. Anybody would know that with countries forming alliances with one another, deploying one nuclear missile will result in retaliation with more nuclear weapons; and in a matter of moments, our billions of years of struggle to sustain our lives on planet Earth will all be in vain.

If there's one analogy that sums up this topic, it's that the nuclear arms race is like 2 men standing in a pool of gasoline. One with 3 matches, and the other with 5.