raise your weapon

You are the kids who never studied in school because you didnt need to, who made A's, B's and C's because you were smart enough to coast through anything teachers had to throw at you. You conquered the system and you knew it. Why suck up to teachers or focus on being popular when you won't see these people again after two or three years, right? Yeah, that's you. That was me, too. Life is good and easy, isn't it?
Well it is, and that's the problem. Life is good, but to be satisfied with what is good is to never become what is great.

I'm talking to you as an individual. Right now. The kid sitting behind his computer screen, wasting his time on the internet because it gives him a laugh, puts him in his comfort zone, and tells him that life is good and that he need not worry about following his dreams, whatever they may be, because he's got all he needs right here. The kid who is smarter and more talented than all his friends, but who has lost the motivation to show them. But he can change. It all begins with a decision, and all that decision takes is a little courage. You have it all but courage. It is the greatest virtue, because without it none of the other virtues can ever come to life. If a loving man does not have the courage to love, he will never love, and if a smart man never has the courage to reason, he will never do so. Whatever you are, the loving man, the smart man, the hateful man, the passionate man, the aspiring musician, artist, politician, philosopher, supermodel... all you need is courage, because you've already got everything else.
It takes strength to do those things, but the equation is simple, and the variables are there. All you need to do is utilise them. Emotional fitness; psychological strength.

Don't let me see life take control of you.
Take control of life.
Let me see some fucking heroes.