And you thought we were special...

"If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the world"
So you're one of the high rollers. Your hard earned money goes towards buying materialistic shit that you don't need-- only want. And yet you feel so content with your possessions that are ultimately worth nothing. You buy more than you need, and you eat what you have, and end up throwing the rest away. And this, my friends, makes you look like a complete asshole whether you notice it or not.

So in spite of all this, you think your life has meaning? is there a specific purpose as to why you've come into existence from the plain of purgatory that you once hailed? Simply put, no. You are nothing but the product of luck and chance, and thanking your predecessors, skill and knowledge. If you honestly believe that an all mighty, all knowing, all powerful and loving God created this vast universe just for us then I have some major fucking news for you, good sirs. Let me clear a few things up...
The universe is so large that the human mind simply cannot comprehend the pure, eerie essence that it is. You honestly believe that God, someone who could create such a magnificent, mystifying and mind-blowing product, only created one species of super-intelligent beings on a planet covered by water. And not just water... but SALT water. Water that is undrinkable. 70% of it is undrinkable actually, and we can't even seem to breathe under there. So what's God's explanation for that? Shit I'd love to hear it.
If that isnt enough why don't you take a good fucking look around. Disease, poverty, war, racism, sexism, discrimination, terrorism, nuclear testing, torture, greed, corruption. And God is not responsible for this you say? Why is it that when something good happens, he is held in such high reverence, but when it's something negative you choose to ignore it. Ever wonder why? Maybe you should.
If you're able to picture innocent children being born into poor families, innocent children being born with a disability and mental retardation, innocent children who have done NOTHING wrong, being forced to exist in a world where they are mocked, treated like SHIT and suffer for all their lives, and you can still say with pride that God is all loving, then you are ignorant and you need to come to terms with the fact that the only reason why you believe in God is because in times of crisis, you need a shoulder to lean on. The reason why I don't need a shoulder to lean on is because I have supportive friends who are there for me, because they know I'm not a complete lunatic with an invisible friend.
And so I end the aforementioned points with this simple conclusive question:
150 years ago: the abolition of slavery
100 years ago: the emancipation of women
050 years ago: inter-racial marriage
TODAY: same sex relationships

Why is it that the church always has to be dragged kicking and screaming (by secular outrage) towards the tolerance and compassion that, ironically, it claims to hold a monopoly on?

And have you ever deeply thought about the 10 commandments?

The first four are blatant religious propaganda- basically a plug for the Hebrew God. The remaining six are dangerously held up as exhaustive and inspired by those who apparently haven't read them. For example, one wonders how 'lying' and 'envy' make the big list of dont's, but not rape, torture, child abuse, racism, slavery... and surely nobody still seriously believes that black and white moral guidelines are of much use in a grayscale world. "Thou shalt not kill" - but what about in genuine self-defense? "Thou shalt not bear false witness"- but what about lying to the Nazi officer who asks if you are hiding any Jews? True morality requires judging each case on its own merits, not just overlaying the same clumsy morality stencil on everything.

So what inspired me to write this giant block of text? In Society and Culture class today, we watched footage of the impacts and the implications that the Vietnam War had on the Vietnamese people. And let me tell you that if for one fucking minute you believe God is all loving, you're officially on a list of 'people who are clearly deaf in a world with nothing but sound'. The children... INNOCENT CHILDREN... born deformed, born unable to even go to the bathroom, walk, talk or perform any task that is essentially what makes us human... They are unable to farm land to feed themselves... and this is just in Vietnam. All over the world, people are suffering... the Arabs, Africans, Chinese, Cambodians to name a few.
And after all this you expect me to believe that I'm the one that's going to hell for 'being bad'. Ladies and Gentlemen there is no God, and no meaning to life. Science cannot yet explain how the big bang had occured, but we sure as hell know that we are who we are simply because we won the luck of the draw-- we're lucky to be alive. Some people may never even get to walk this earth. And we dare to say that the miracle of life is attributed to a being who allows such horrendous acts to take place.
To those who oppose, all I can say is fuck off and open your eyes